Available courses

This course will provide newly assigned program managers with a basic understanding of the NROTC program.  This two part course will guide program managers through NETFOUCS, internal procedures, quality control measures, and board procedures.   Additionally, templates and step-by-step guides are available in the resource folders.  

This course provides students with an introduction to the 8th Marine Corps District staff functions.  

The Music Enlistment Option Program can be a diffult mission requirement to fill.  It truely takes everyone's involvement to meet this niche market.  However, it is a worthwhile event.  Our applicants have a strong desire to perform music in a professional setting.  Getting them from considering music as a career to becoming a United States Marine, representing our Corps through music, is a journey worth taking for everyone involved.  

The training obectives for this course are:

  • Develop and manage a MEOP Mission and identify MEOP mission by number and instrument in order to accurately control fiscal year MEOP mission. 
  • Articulate basic enlistment and audition requirements in order to assign an applicant a MEOP program.
  • Discuss characteristics of high school and post high school MEOP target population in order to focus prospecting and schedule band talks at high schools, colleges, and universities. 
  • Identify actions and associate responsibilities of the applicant, recruiter, executive officer, and musical technical assistant in sequential order to understand the MEOP process and associated timelines. 

Click here for more information and as a proof source for band talks and one-on-one interviews.  You will find the video very helpful.  

Audition Material can be found in the folder labled "Audition Material."  Provide the applicant with this information as the soonest possible moment.

Semper Fi